Thursday, August 23, 2007

Aquarelles on coloured paper, 20 minutes.

Aquarelles and coloured pencils on coloured paper, 15 minute pose.

6B and coloured pencil on coated paper, 20 minute pose.

Some drawings are better than others. Sometimes the model moves. Sometimes I get tired or uninspired by the pose, or hungry or just because. But the name of the game is to continue to look at the challenge presented by the subtle nuances of the body, and convince your eye/brain/hand to act in concert; and hopefully the gods of drawing materials join in and together we all create a masterpiece. And you think about it, and think about it again. And again, when you look at the drawings, and again, when I edit and post them here. Mark Bernstein asks, 'Can we do it all, better?' He sees 'galleries and museums are a big conversation: how can we do this?', and asks what is the purpose of music. Big questions, Mark, good questions. In the age of machines, it is the hallmark of humanity. There is no machine that makes art - drawings, music, or any of the other glimmers of creativity that define us as a species. The purpose is itself.

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