Thursday, July 12, 2007

Still working on capturing a likeness. 20 minute pose. Aquarelle on gloss paper.

Winner of the Mekon look-alike contest... oh dear, not very flattering. The great thing about using strange (well, strange to me) colours is that it shakes you out of the rut - the ideas and colour combinations that are known and safe simply don't work any more. Aquarelle on coloured paper. 20 minute pose.

I like the look of the ink lines and the colour work after - it's a bit like Carl Larsen's work, unfortunately quite a long way to go. It requires two skills for the price of one - the lines have to be spot on, and then the colour work needs care and balance. There's a lot going on in a 15 minute pose. Ink and aquarelle on coloured paper.

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