Thursday, June 28, 2007

I'm finding the two minute poses are getting a bit easier. I'm getting much faster and can do a better job of getting in some of the details. I like one minute poses - I draw fast gestural drawings and sometimes they work better for me than something I labour over. I've heard that some people can capture a likeness in that sort of time - that they practice by sketching from the tv news. Phew! I wish.
6B pencil on paper. Two minute pose.

jun28-3-2007The coloured paper I'm using is quite soft - I'm still working out what methods of applying the colour will work, and which will not. In this drawing I wanted to explore some of the green and blue tones - I struggle with drawing warm skin tones in cooler colours. By layering in the colours I get a result I can tolerate. Only another 100,000 (or so) drawings to go...
Coloured pencil and aquarelle on coloured paper. 20 minute pose.

I got a bit distracted drawing this 20 minute pose - I could've done with another 20 minutes. I like the warm colours - rose. One of the things I find interesting is once I've reached a good drawing state I notice a 'flat' surface - like the model's back - is not flat, there are some shapes and depressions. And then there are more - and more. Suddenly an apparently flat surface with not distinguishing features becomes this fascinating landscape of subtle colours, textures, and undulations; oh, and then it's "two minutes more in this pose..."
Coloured pencil and aquarelle on coloured paper. 20 minute pose.
Foreshortening - the bane of most artists life - no wonder portraits used to cost an arm and a leg - I'd charge extra for them as well. 20 minute pose, aquarelle on coated paper.

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